The Centre for Research on Startups and Risk Financing (CREST) is a research institution at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, established in 2021 as an Institute of Eminence-Research Centre. CREST has made remarkable progress in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and risk capital, thanks to the exceptional faculties of the Department of Management Studies (DoMS) who lead the way. The institution has collaborated extensively with academic institutions, policymakers, and industry practitioners to conduct groundbreaking research and create a comprehensive data repository.

CREST has been publishing scholarly articles in renowned journals and highlighting noteworthy achievements to demonstrate its commitment to cutting-edge research continually. To promote the exchange of ideas and facilitate knowledge dissemination, CREST has taken a significant step by organizing the first-ever International Confluence conference on startups and innovation. This conference serves as a prestigious platform for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to present their findings, receive valuable feedback, and refine their research pursuits. Through this event, CREST reaffirms its commitment to promoting research collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in the startups and innovation domain. To learn more about CREST’s notable projects and activities, click here.