Faculty - Industry Connect

At IIT Madras, we have Management Invitation Lecture Series and Extra Mural Lecture Series. As a part of these, we have invited a host of individuals from the industry and academia. We have had interactions with eminent leaders and industrialists such as N R Narayana Murthy, C Rangarajan, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Y S Prasad, Vishwanathan Anand, Yashwant Sinha, Dr. Aswani Kumar (Governor, Nagaland), T V Mohandas Pai (Chairman, Manipal Global Education), K Ramakrishnan (Executive Director, Spark Capital), Glenn Forman (Partner, McKinsey and Co), Gopal Balasubramanian (Sr. Director, IT Services, CTS), Sandeep Reddy (Founder & MD, Peepul Capital), Usama M Fayyad (Chief Data Officer & Group MD, Barclays) and Vikram Kapur(Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai).

IIT Madras Research Park

The IIT Madras Research Park is an independent company promoted by IIT Madras and its alumni. The IIT Madras Research Park facilitates the promotion of research and development by the institute in partnership with the industry, assisting in the growth of new ventures, and promoting economic development. The "knowledge and innovation ecosystem", the Research Park, breaks down the traditional, artificial barriers of innovation through its connectivity and collaborative interaction. This helps the industry to create, integrate and apply advancements in knowledge. The resulting synergy leads to matchless technological innovation. http://respark.iitm.ac.in/

Incubation Cell

IITM Incubation Cell (llTM-lC), a not-for-proht organistion,is the umbrella for nurturing and overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship at IIT Madras. llTM-lC will leverage such experiences and give entrepreneurship a stronger push by coordinating and promoting innovation-driven activities at the institute. IITM-IC seeks to nurture technology and knowledge based ventures through their start-up phase by providing necessary support that would help entrepreneurs survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where they can scale-up their ventures. http://www.incubation.iitm.ac.in/home

iVEIN Network

A confluence of factors has resulted in India becoming one of the key centres globally for start-ups and innovation. In the last decade, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venturing has captured the attention of policy makers. As a result of these, there has been a fillip to the start-up activity in the country. Formulation of start-up policies, setting up of incubation centres, growth in investments, and focus on entrepreneurship in academic curricula, have led to an increase in the number of start-ups. However, growth of ventures and entrepreneurship in India so far has been predominantly led by policy and practice. Academic research and thinking can play an important role in sustaining and furthering this growth in entrepreneurship. Insights and evidence from academic research would support policy making as well as increase the effectiveness of managerial and investment decision making in entrepreneurship. https://doms.iitm.ac.in/iVEIN/

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