The flagship doctoral research programme is a full-fledged research programme designed to prepare and provide exceptional faculty resources for management teaching and research. It moulds professionals capable of leading industrial research and development activities. The programme helps expand the body of management knowledge into niche fields through knowledge creation and transfer. The time frame is usually 4 to 5 years.

These programmes are intensive and rigorous, aimed at training research scholars for leading academic and corporate research programmes and careers. The department currently has around 107 Ph.D. scholars and 58 M.S. scholars working on application-oriented as well as theoretical research leading to conceptual and empirical models.

Core Areas of Research

Thrust Areas for Research


  • Corporate Finance: Financial decision making, Venture capital and private equity, Small and medium enterprises , Infrastructure finance, Public sector finance; Real Options, Developmental Finance
  • Financial Markets – Capital market, Bond market, commodity market, derivatives, market microstructure, Behavioural Finance
  • Financial Modeling & Forecasting
  • Banking and risk management


 HR & OB

  • Consumer Behaviour Positive Organizational Behavior: Workplace Emotions, Ancient Indian
  • Wisdom in Management, Creativity & Innovation
  • Cross-Cultural Research
  • Cognition in organizations
  • Corporate Sustainability: Responsible Business
  • Comparative Management Systems
  • Global leadership: Mindset, Potential, Practices
  • Work and Wellness
  • Training & Development 
  • Workplace teams

 Information Systems

  • Electronic commerce, e-governance, web personalization
  • Business analytics, mining for leather industry, web-mining, business value of analytics
  • IT services and management, sourcing of IT, cloud computing, pricing, preference elicitation for cloud services, cloud business models

 Integrative Management

  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Technology transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Experimentation and reinforcement learning
  • Competitiveness and business excellence
  • Public Systems


  • Career Management
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Advertising


 Operations Management



  • Supply chain and Logistics: Green concerns, healthcare and food sectors
  • Game Theoretic Models
  • Scheduling in manufacturing and service operations
  • Integrated Production, Logistics and Inventory Optimization in Supply Chain Management
  • Behavioural Decision Theory

Comprehensive Viva

The comprehensive viva will be held between 12 to 18 months after registration for PhD programme. 

Upcoming comprehensive viva:

Dhandabani S (MS18D201)
Jasmine Banu J (MS17D200)
Kishore Thomas John (MS17D020)
Rajesh Kumar (MS17D015)
Sanjay K (MS18D008)
Nitika Gaba (MS18D010)

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