Tech MBA

The Tech-MBA is a Five-year Inter Disciplinary Dual Degree program and is open to undergraduate students of all branches of engineering disciplines at IIT Madras.

Objectives Of The Program

  • Knowledge of business functions and strategies.
  • Mastery of analytical decision-making and computational tools.
  • Expertise on technology management and innovation.

Performance Analytics (PA) 25%

Expertise in business analytics and its role in growth, productivity, and competitiveness, and enhancing firm value

Transformation Technologies (TT) 25%

The role of technologies and innovations in transforming enterprises, economies and societies

Functional Core (FC) 50%

Gain insights into business functions from operational and strategic perspectives in domestic and international business contexts

Program Features


5-year program

Management subjects to be offered from 3rd year B.Tech. (5th semester)

Final year (5th) studies will be entirely with DoMS (4 quarters)


UG students of IIT Madras from Engineering streams


Academic performance and other relevant metric


Engineering and Management program


174 Credits (including projects with 30 credits) – offered by DoMS.

Rest of the credits to be earned from respective engineering curriculum.


20 Core Courses and 4 Electives (newly proposed)


Capstone and Industrial Projects (Focus on integrating classroom learning with industry implementation)

Learning Outcomes

Mapped both at the program and the course levels


B.Tech. (ID-DD) and MBA ordinances (to be proposed)

Learning Outcomes


Learning Outcome



To recognize multidisciplinary perspective on business functions – both operational and strategic.

To construct teamwork and leadership skills in a variety of work group settings.

To compare opportunities and challenges in domestic and international business contexts.



To construct into models and tools of business research and management practice.

To experiment with complex business problems by employing qualitative and quantitative techniques.

To apply findings of analytics projects into effective and efficient action plans.



To paraphrase deep understanding of the enterprise transformation through digital technologies.

To design innovative solutions to address business and social problems - using technology.

To recognize environmental, cultural, social and ethical dimensions of business decision-making.


  • Fees for techMBA per semester is INR 170,000 (between Btech and MBA).

Salient features

  • Since the program starts in the third year of the BTech curriculum, there is an opportunity for the student to take up management related summer internship at the end of the fourth year.
  • The last (5th) year of the program can be used for exchange program and/or internship in a new geography.
  • The courses for the last (5th) year includes elective courses, only some of which are listed in the previous slide. We can provide a diverse set of choices for the students wishing to major in specific domains.

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