The sports and cultural committee consist of 5 members (2 senior, 3 junior). The job responsibilities of the committee is vast and involves organizing (DoMS day out),DCL,DFL, and cultural event like festival, teachers day, diwali, pongal, holi and many more.  the committee also works  with the di committee , samanvay, core team to organize cultural night  for samanvay (B-fest). The committee, though small in number, is very important in enriching the overall experience of the student of DoMS

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”


Recent Edition of DFL:
 In order to continue with the football fever gripping the Indian sports enthusiast and student after the FIFA world cup, The first event organized in the calendar year was the DoMS football league the league was open to boys, a total of five teams participated of which three was from junior batch 2 from seniors with six player in each team. The tournament was on knockout basis with a qualifier and 2 semifinal. The final was between senior batch and junior batch with first year team coming out on top with the scoreline of 3-0. The winners was felicitated by Dr. TT Narendran on the occasion of fresher party.

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