Anshika Bharti

   Qualification:B.E (Hons); Work experience: 11yrs

   Organization: Navitas LifeSciences

   Profile: Project Lead

   Email Id:ms20w002@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Arvind Janarthanan

   Qualification:B.E Production Engineering; Work experience: 8yrs

   Organization: Daimler India Commercial Vehicle 

   Profile: Senior Manager

   Email Id:arvindjanarthanam@yahoo.co.in



   Ashok Kumar

   Qualification:B.E Metallurgy; Work experience: 12yrs

   Organization: Wootz Metal Solutions India Pvt Ltd

   Profile: CEO

   Email Id:ashok.kumar@wootzindia.com



   Balaji Kothandan

   Qualification:B.E Marine Technology; Work experience: 10yrs

   Organization: Powerol

   Profile: Managing Partner

   Email Id:balajikster@gmail.com



   Dharamraj Dhanasekar P

   Qualification:B.E., M.S Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 13yrs

   Organization: Caterpillar India

   Profile: Manufacturing Engineering Manager

   Email Id:dharmarajsekar@gmail.com



   Ebin J

   Qualification:B.Tech Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 3.5yrs

   Organization: Accenture

   Profile: Quality Analyst

   Email Id:ebinpaul.ej@gmail.com



   Gowtham Krishnan G

   Qualification:B.Tech Civil Engineering; Work experience: 3.8yrs

   Organization: Sri Ramana Builiding Constructions P Ltd.,

   Profile: Project Engineer

   Email Id:gkrishnangowtham@gmail.com



   Hari Harasudhan M

   Qualification:B.E Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 4.5yrs

   Organization: Ford Motor Private Limited

   Profile: Senior Commodity Buyer

   Email Id:ms20w009@smail.iitm.ac



    Joel Jacob

   Qualification:B.E Electronic & Communication Engineering; Work experience: 5yrs

   Organization: TATA Communications

   Profile: Project Manager

   Email Id:joelj232@gmail.com



   R Kabilan

   Qualification:B.E., M.S Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 14.7yrs

   Organization: Caterpillar India

   Profile: Section Manager

   Email Id:kabilan.ramalingam@gmail.com



   Kamalakar Sundararajan

   Qualification:B.E., MBA Electrical & Electronics; Work experience: 15yrs

   Organization: Schindler India Pvt Ltd

   Profile: Sr Manager

   Email Id:scorpiokamal@gmail.com



   Kumaresan Nachimuthu

   Qualification:B.Sc., M.Sc Chemistry; Work experience: 27yrs

   Organization: Petrocoat Speciality Chemicals Pvt ltd

   Profile: Operations Director

   Email Id:nkumaresh@petrocoat.com



   L Narayana Srinivasu Sripada

   Qualification:B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation; Work experience: 14yrs

   Organization: Caterpillar India

   Profile: Product line Manager Display System

   Email Id:ms20w015@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Maheshwari P

   Qualification:B.E Manufacturing Engineering; Work experience: 7yrs

   Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions

   Profile: Associate

   Email Id:ms20w016@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Muki V S

   Qualification:B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering; Work experience: 12.5yrs

   Organization: HCL Technologies Ltd.,

   Profile: Senior Technical Lead

   Email Id:v.s.muki@gmail.com



   Murugesh B

   Qualification:B.E Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 15yrs

   Organization: Carlisle Brake And Friction

   Profile: Application Engineering Manager - Asia

   Email Id:Ms20w019@smail.iitm.ac.in




   Qualification:B.E Mechanical; Work experience: 17yrs

   Organization: Rane TRW - OSD

   Profile: Senior Manager

   Email Id:nandha.guna@gmail.com




   Qualification:B.Tech., M.Tech Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 8yrs

   Organization: Ather Energy Private Limited

   Profile: Associate Manager

   Email Id:naren.doms@gmail.com



   Navaneetha Krishnan Thangapandi

   Qualification:B.E Computer Science Engineering; Work experience: 19.5yrs

   Organization: Guidewire Software India Ltd

   Profile: Senior Manager, Partner Performance

   Email Id:tnavaneet@gmail.com



   Nithya Ramamoorthy

   Qualification:B.E ECE; Work experience: 19yrs

   Organization: Wipro

   Profile: Senior Solution Architect

   Email Id:rabunika@gmail.com



   Nivedita E

   Qualification:B.E Computer Science and Engineering; Work experience: 3.9yrs

   Organization: TNQ Technologies

   Profile: Software Quality Analyst

   Email Id:ms20w025@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Pranesh Suresh

   Qualification:B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation; Work experience: 5.6yrs

   Organization: Tata Consultancy Services

   Profile: IT Analyst

   Email Id:praneshs131@gmail.com



   Prasannakumar P

   Qualification:B.E Information Technology; Work experience: 15yrs

   Organization: Verizon

   Profile: Principal Architect

   Email Id:prasannakumar1981@gmail.com



   Prathapraj. S

   Qualification:BFA., M.DES Visual Communication Design; Work experience: 10yrs

   Organization: Wipro

   Profile: Lead designer

   Email Id:finenidian@gmail.com



   Rahul Jayan

   Qualification:B.Tech Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 10yrs

   Organization: Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

   Profile: Divisional Manager - Finance & Controlling

   Email Id:ms20w029@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Ratheesh M C

   Qualification:B.Tech Electronics & Communications Engineering; Work experience: 19yrs

   Organization: Centum Controls Pvt Ltd

   Profile: Director

   Email Id:ratheesh@centumcontrols.com



   Shaheem M

   Qualification:B.Tech Computer Science Engineering; Work experience: 20yrs

   Organization: IOCL

   Profile: Sr. Manager

   Email Id:ms20w033@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Shruthi L

   Qualification:B.Tech Petrochemical Technology; Work experience: 5yrs

   Organization: Amazon Development Center

   Profile: Catalog lead

   Email Id:shruvit@gmail.com




   Qualification:B.Sc., M.Sc Computer Science; Work experience: 17yrs

   Organization: Tata Consultancy Services

   Profile: Consultant

   Email Id:ms20w038@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Sridharamanikandan Mahalingam

   Qualification:B.E., M.E Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 4yrs

   Organization: Accenture

   Profile: Application Development Senior Analyst

   Email Id:ms20w039@smail.iitm.ac.in



   Srinivas Kanala

   Qualification:B.Tech., M.S Mechanical Engineering; Work experience: 20yrs

   Organization: KLA

   Profile: Sr Software Manager

   Email Id:srinivas.kanala@gmail.com



   Dr. VASU K

   Qualification:B.E., Ph D Mechanical engineering; Work experience: 35yrs

   Organization: Heavy Vehicle Factory , Ministry of Defence

   Profile: Joint General Manager

   Email Id:k.vasu_iofs@yahoo.co.in



   Vasudevan VM

   Qualification:B.E Electrical & Electronics; Work experience: 19yrs

   Organization: Renault Nissan India

   Profile: Senior Manager

   Email Id:mvasu@yahoo.com



   Venkatesan D

   Qualification:B.Tech Information Technology; Work experience: 9yrs

   Organization: Dell Technologies

   Profile: Analyst - Logistics

   Email Id:dev.venki3@gmail.com



   Vinoth Muthiah Sekhar

   Qualification:B.E Electronics and Communication; Work experience: 9yrs

   Organization: Flextronics Technologies India Pvt. Ltd

   Profile: Team Lead - Extended Engineering Services

   Email Id:vino.msekhar@gmail.com



   Vishnu T R

   Qualification:B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (Production & Management); Work experience: 12yrs

   Organization: Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

   Profile: Senior Manager

   Email Id:trvishnu@gmail.com



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