Why DoMS

Opportunities, Unlimited.


“Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”
-  Senaca, Roman Philospher, Circa 50 AD

What can be a high point in someone’s life?  - Cherishing a hard earned degree from one of India’s most admired Universities? Landing a dream job in a McKinsey or a Google? Walking into classes daily along with 8000 of world’s brightest brains? Learning from some of the best teachers in the country?

At IIT Madras, you get to realise all these dreams, and more. As a management student at DoMS, you are equipped to enter and succeed in your chosen professional life – as a corporate leader, as an entrepreneur, or as a thought leader in the academia.

But it will not be easy. You will be taking classes, doing individual and group assignments and reading, and preparing for discussion on case studies all the time. As you walk into the classes bleary-eyed, you may ask yourselves if it is worth it. Remember, diamonds are created under pressure. The academic rigour is designed to help students thrive in fast paced corporate environments. IIT Madras’ world class infrastructure, nestled in a 600 acres forest inside one of India’s largest metropolitan cities, includes a massive library, lecture halls and IT labs, and helps nurture your learning. You get to gain a multi-disciplinary perspective by attending classes in other departments of IIT Madras – Engineering, Humanities or Pure Sciences.

But your stay in DoMS is not about just grades and placements. Opportunities abound for enhancing your leadership skills, developing lifelong relationships and expanding your horizons in a rapidly globalizing world.

  • You can be part of one of the student clubs or committees to enhance your leadership and team-management skills.
  • You get the opportunity to make friends outside the Management Studies department by being part of sports teams and social events like IITM fests - Shastra and Saarang.
  • You can expand your global exposure by working with exchange students from other countries – Germans, Iranians, Spaniards, French, etc - for academic projects. You also get a chance to do a semester in one of the renowned universities abroad.

There is life beyond curricular and extra-curricular activities. You can unwind within the campus by either sipping a coffee and read a book in the Café Coffee Day adjacent to the DoMS, or you can go the famed Besant Nagar beach and catch a sunrise while sipping piping hot filter coffee. You can watch the latest movies either in the Open Air Theatre on every Saturdays, or in one of the several multiplexes in the city outside the campus.

You can join the hundreds of runners who run inside the campus past the countless spotted deers and other wildlife, or you can join one of the several running clubs outside the campus. If you are not the running type, you can just lift some weights in the campus gymnasium or just go for a relaxing swim in the huge campus swimming pool.

All of these still do not still cover all the opportunities at IITM DoMS. That is why we say – “Opportunties, Unlimited”. All we can say is, if you are fully prepared, there are boundless opportunities in IITM DoMS to make you lucky.

We look forward to you becoming part of the IITM DoMS family.

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