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“Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”-  Senaca, Roman Philospher, Circa 50 AD
What can be a high point in someone’s life?  - Cherishing a hard earned degree from one of India’s most admired Universities? Landing a dream job in a McKinsey or a Google? Walking into classes daily along with 8000 of world’s brightest brains? Learning from some of the best teachers in the country?     At IIT Madras,you ..read more

Life in DoMS

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Recent Publications

  • Banu, J. B., Baral, R., & Kuschel, K. (2022). Negotiating Business and Family Demands:The Response Strategies of Indian Female Entrepreneurs. INDAM 2022 – IIM Rohtak.
  • Banu, J. B., Rastogi, M., & Baral, R. (2022). What does it take to be a woman entrepreneur? Explorations from India. Industrial and Commercial Training.
  • Banu, J., & Baral, R. (2022). Women Entrepreneurship and their Work-Family Interface: A Systematic Literature Review of a Growing Research". Eastern Academy of Management.
  • Banu, J., & Baral, R. (2022). Women Entrepreneurship and their Work-Family Interface: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda. Academy of Management.
  • Issac, A. C., Bednall, T. C., Baral, R., Magliocca, P., & Dhir, A. (2022). The effects of expert power and referent power on knowledge sharing and knowledge hiding. Journal of Knowledge Management.  https://doi.org/10.1108/JKM-10-2021-0750.
  • Kannan, V., Mathew, S. K., & Lehner, F. (2022). Digitally Enabled Shrimp Farming: A Service Dominant Logic View. America’s Conference on Information Systems.
  • Jhunjhunwala, R., Ahuja, S., & Puri, V. (2022). It’s in the Group! Role of Business Group Heterogeneity & Board Interlocks on Performance of M&A deals: Evidence from India. INDAM Conference 2022 – IIM Rohtak.
  • Sanjay, K., & Pervin, N. Impression and Feature Aware Sequential Recommender, Generalized Representation of Electronic Health Records for Unplanned Hospital Readmission. WITS 2021, ECIS 2022.
  • John, K. T., & Raghavan, A. (2022). A viable MBA for BoP students- PiMS in rural Kasaragod, Kerala. Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies.
  • John, K. T., Thirunelvelikaran, R., Ali, M., & Rejikumar, G. (2022). Bowed, Bent and Broken: Investigating Enrolments of Scheduled Castes/Tribes to Technical Higher Education Programmes in Kerala. Contemporary Voice of Dalit.
  • Nayyer, M. I., Mukkai, A., & Rajan, T. (2022). Effect of Transparency on Development Phase of Public-Private Partnership: Analysis of Highway Projects. CIB World Building Conference.
  • Nayyer, M. I., Deep , A., & Rajan, T. (2022). The performance of PPP and publicly procured road projects: Evidence from India. Assessing the Performance Advantage of Public-Private Partnerships- A Comparative Perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Bhadra, K. V. (2022). Case study: Spin off of Edge Energy and Manufacturing. 2nd AIMA ICRC Case Writing Competition & Conference.
  • Ramesh, A., & Chawla, V. (2022). Chatbots in Marketing: A Literature Review Using Morphological and Co-Occurrence Analyses. Journal of interactive marketing.
  • Hasan, D., & Kamalanabhan, T. J. (2022). Job connectedness among professionals in modern times: outcomes and the moderating role of emotional intelligence– a conceptual framework. INDAM Conference 2022 - IIM Rohtak.
  • Nisha, Karen & Madhumathi, R.. (2022). Bank Risk Exposure: The Time-Varying Impact on Indian Commercial Banks Motivation. Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research. 11. 56-69.
  • Thulaseedharan, A. (2022). New ways of working and Psychological Well being of Employees: A Eudeimonic perspective. Manager-The British journal of Administrative Management. 58(1).
  • Kumar, A., Sudarsanam, N., & Frey, Daniel D. (2022). Quantifying the Maximum Possible Improvement in 2^k Experiments. Research in Engineering Design.
  • Killimangalam, P. (2022). What motivates employees? A literature review of job crafting theories. INDAM Conference Jan 2022 - IIM Rohtak.
  • Davangave, B., & Pervin, N. (2022). Context Aware POI Recommendation using Bipartite Graph. AMCIS 2022.
  • Gaba, N., & Madhumathi, R. (2022). Does Corporate Social Responsibility Add Value to The Indian Banking Sector?. Indian Journal of Finance and Banking, 9(1), 140-158. https://doi.org/10.46281/ijfb.v9i1.1612
  • Vijaya, C., & Thenmozhi , M. (2022). Quantitative Funds in India: Do the AI based models outperform Traditional Funds? International Conference on “Technology Analysis, Fintech and Financial Services” organised by the Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM), Kolkata.
  • Muhammed T, S., & Mathew, S. K. (2022). The disaster of misinformation: a review of research in social media. International journal of data science and analytics13(4), 271–285. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41060-022-00311-6.

Honors & Achievements

Doctoral scholars Ashwin J. Baliga guided by Prof. Vaibhav Chawla, and V. Ramachandran guided by Prof. T.J.Kamalanabhan & Prof. Andreas Mueller, have been selected for the Keshav Ranganath Award and Institute Research Award (Jul-Nov 2020_21) to recognize the Quality and Quantity of Research Work done by them.

Doctoral scholar Ashish Goel, guided by Prof. L.S.Ganesh & Prof. Arshinder Kaur has been awarded the Institute Research Award (Jul-Nov 2019_20) in recognition of Quality and Quantity of Research Work


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