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Modern business paradigms are more dynamic than any other time in the human history. To sail a business organization in the ever-changing environment, a manager needs to be equipped with deep functional and integrative perspective in both local and global business settings. 

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at the Department of Management Studies (DoMS), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is a two-year degree program aimed at providing mid- career working professionals with functional and integrative perspective to imbibe contemporary management knowledge to lead a modern business organization.

Events - A Glimpse

EMBA Alumni Lecture Series

  Alumni are torchbearers of an institute. DoMS EMBA students initiated the Alumni Lecture Series on April 27, 2024. Mr. Vivek Dhayalan, Founder of Tech Conative and an alumnus from the 2021 batch of EMBA, shared his success story titled “From Classroom to Boardroom Success.” Vivek spoke on how the EMBA program helped his transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur. This event provided the current batch of EMBA students with a valuable opportunity to connect with their alumni.  

Why Executive MBA @ IITM?

  • Experiential: A big chunk of your curriculum is pragmatic. You solidify your growing knowledge through three field capstone projects. Project work is “experiential”, allowing you to take what you have learnt throughout the program and apply it to examine a specific issue.
  • Connections: Your peers and learning partners are an impressive and diverse lot. Every professional we admit is talented, driven, and already accomplished in his or her field. Your classmates not only enrich your academic journey, they become trusted advisors, supporters, and friends for life.
  • Convenience: Alternate weekend (Saturday & Sunday) in-person classes gives you much time to absorb new knowledge and form deep bonds when you are on campus. You can balance your work and family needs and yet learn an Executive MBA degree from IIT Madras in only 24 months.


  • Equip with deep functional and broad industrial domain knowledge
  • Enrich with integrated perspective of boundary spanning business decision
  • Empower to lead and contribute to global business settings

EMBA Flyer

EMBA International Immersion Learning Program 2023!

Learning is most effective and fun when it is immersive! A new addition to the EMBA curriculum is the inclusion of an International Immersion Learning Program that offered the students a 10 day hands-on learning experience in one of the prestigious institutions abroad – IESEG School of Management, Paris.

The core focus of the program was on “Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence”. This program saw the students cover a plethora of experiences across the region of Northern France and Belgium, namely, Lille and Brussels.

Classroom sessions by Professors of IESEG School were combined with field visits:

  • A sense of Innovation at B’Twin village, Lille where Decathlon has their primary innovation and research centre
  • Understanding the ways of working of Eura Technologies, Lille – one of Europe’s most renowned startup incubators
  • A peek into the Ports de Lille (France’s Largest Inland River Port) to get a thorough grounding to France’s Transportation Network
  • A front row seat to understand the complex dynamics of the European governance by members of the European Parliament and other key representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium
  • A socio-cultural experience in a typical French household – a soiree!


Beyond the academic realm, at IESEG, we also immersed ourselves in the vibrant culture of the campus community. The friendships we cultivated and the diverse backgrounds of our peers enriched our understanding of global perspectives even further. Each interaction, each conversation, and each cultural exchange broadened our horizons and helped us appreciate the beauty of our differences.


(EMBA Batch of 2021 Batch)

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24 Months Degree Program
8 Quarters with Classes at Weekends
30 Courses
Functional Foundation Integrative Perspective Global Leadership
3 Capstone Projects


Quarter Course Category Qtr I Qtr II Qtr III Qtr IV Qtr V Qtr VI Qtr VII Qtr VIII
Functional Foundation (FF) 4 Core 4 Core 1 Core 1 Core
Integrated Perspective (IP) 1 Core 1 Core 1 Core 1 Core
2 Electives (out of 3) 2 Electives (out of 3) 2 Electives (out of 3) 2 Electives (out of 3)
Global Leadership (GL) 1 Core 1 Core 3 Electives (out of 4) 3 Electives (out of 4)



Type Category Perspective Learning Outcome
Think Reflection Personal To work effectively and efficiently to accomplish thegoals –both individual and institutional.
Departmental To organize resources to achieve desired performance levels using the state-of-the-arttools, techniques and methods.
Organizational To demonstrate competency across business disciplines to analyze and evaluate problems using the best and next practices.
Decide Reasoning Personal To analyze complex managerial problems in dynamic business environments using an interdisciplinary approach.
Departmental To employ problem-solving tools, for decision-making processes under risk and uncertainty.
Organizational To demonstrate critical thinking by employing appropriate analytical models to assess facts, evaluate alternatives, and develop creative options.
Act Response Personal To recognize the ethical dimensions and factor the consequences of executive decisions on all the stakeholders.
Departmental To integrate knowledge and skills needed for effective decision-making in competitive business environments and global economy.
Organizational To demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills in a variety of work groups using appropriate leadership skills and styles.

Functional Foundation

10 Core Courses

Integrated Perspective

4 Core and 12 Electives

Global Leadership

2 Core and 8 Electives

Demonstrable Application

3 Projects


  • EMBA Program fee is 17 lakhs. Students can pay INR 4.25 lakhs per semester for four semesters.
    (this fee is exclusive of the International Learning Program which is optional)



  • First class or 60% and above in Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Minimum three years of work experience after UG


  • Online Applications for admission to the EMBA program opens on September 2024.
  • The shortlisted candidates will go through the Selection process at the IIT Madras Campus on 1st, 2nd & 3rd  November 2024, which comprises of a written aptitude test and a personal interview.
  • Results are announced by December 2024 and the program will commence by January 2025.


  • A few seats are available for company sponsored candidates who are required to produce sponsorship letters in the prescribed format (Download format)from their respective employers.


Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600 036.
Phone :  +91 – 9840572328 / +91 – 044-2257 5558
Email Id :