Indian Institute of Technology Madras

MBA Programme Structure

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) at IIT Madras is a two-year, full-time, seven quarter program aimed at training graduates to become capable managers. Students are provided a well-rounded learning experience in terms of management theory and actual practice. The program involves classroom teaching, case discussions, hands-on management internship in industry and project work. The program comprises seven quarters of course work, with four quarters for first year and three quarters for second year. The program is structured in such a way that students can join the industry at the same time with their peers from other business schools.  Each quarter is usually of eight weeks duration.

Quarter 1: July - September (8 weeks)

Quarter 2: September - November (8 weeks)

Quarter 3: January - March (8 weeks)

Quarter 4: March - May (8 weeks)


Students entering the program bring with them their own strengths and abilities. However, it is essential that they develop a common vocabulary of skills and terminology in key business areas as quickly as possible. The first two quarters focus on providing the conceptual foundations of management. The student is equipped with quantitative tools and techniques necessary for analyzing business problems. At the same time, the student is also encouraged to develop personal skills such as business communication, general business knowledge and interpersonal skills.

The core courses in the functional areas of management - Finance, HR&OB, Information Systems, Integrative Management, Marketing and Operations - are emphasized during the third and fourth quarter. These courses also have a strong orientation towards the use of analytical tools and techniques. There are also courses in systems management as well as lab-based ones that introduce various enterprise software and techniques.

The last three quarters integrate the knowledge and skills imparted, with an emphasis on the chosen electives. The electives are broadly of two kinds - courses on various business stream specializations and courses that offer an in-depth knowledge of certain domain areas.

The inputs given through courses are supplemented with industrial training through a summer project for 8 - 10 weeks after the completion of the fourth quarter and also through a project work during the seventh quarter.