Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Programme Overview

The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) at IIT Madras presents the TechMBA program, crafted meticulously for technocrats and innovators of tomorrow. As industries are increasingly entwined with technologies, a new breed of leaders is required - ones equipped with a blend of technical and managerial expertise.

The TechMBA Program at IIT Madras: A Glimpse into the Future of Business and Technology

  • This program lays emphasis on the intersection of technology and business, offering a unique curriculum that intertwines business acumen with technological prowess.
  • The first year dives deep into core business subjects, offering insights comparable to the best global MBAs.
  • In the subsequent year, students venture into hands-on projects, focusing on leveraging technology for business solutions, mentored by our accomplished faculty.

TechMBA is an
Interdisciplinary Dual Degree
program which goes on for
a complete 2 years for
Undergraduate students
of IIT Madras,
who join in their 3rd year.

Program Highlights

  • Imbued with real-world scenarios, the program enhances the understanding of the implications of analytical tools in a business setting.
  • It prepares students to lead in an era of digital transformation, emphasizing the managerial implications of evolving technologies.

The Learning Outcomes

  • Analytical Mastery: Confront intricate business challenges using both qualitative and quantitative techniques, and transform analytical insights into actionable strategies.
  • Multidisciplinary Acumen: Students gain a holistic perspective on business, understanding both operational and strategic functionalities.
  • Digital Transformation: Develop a profound understanding of how businesses evolve through digital technologies, staying ahead in the digital age.

Functional Core (FC)

  • Management Thought and Practice
  • Quantitative Modeling for Operations
  • Marketing Management
  • Managing People in Organizations
  • Modern Corporate Finance
  • Information Systems for Organizations
  • Strategic Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Foundations of Business Analytics
  • Capstone Project

Performance Analytics (PA)

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
  • Operations Forensics
  • Computational Finance People Analytics (elective)
  • Derivatives and Risk Management (elective)

Transformation Technologies (TT)

  • Digital Economy and Enterprises
  • Technology Foresight and Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Business
  • Models Foundations of Technopreneurship
  • Managing Digital Products (elective)
  • Digital Marketing (elective)