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Why DoMS

“Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”-  Senaca, Roman Philospher, Circa 50 AD
What can be a high point in someone’s life?  - Cherishing a hard earned degree from one of India’s most admired Universities? Landing a dream job in a McKinsey or a Google? Walking into classes daily along with 8000 of world’s brightest brains? Learning from some of the best teachers in the country?     At IIT Madras,you more

Life in DoMS

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Recent Publications

  • Ashwin J. Baliga , Vaibhav Chawla , Vijaya Sunder M. , Rajesh Kumar (2021), "Barriers to service recovery in B2B markets: a TISM approach in the context of IT-based services" published in Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  • Devika Arumugam, P.Krishna Prasanna (2021), "Commonality and contrarian trading among algorithmic traders" published in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance
  • Arti Omar P. KrishnaPrasanna (2021), "Asymmetric effects of noise in Merton default risk model: Evidence from emerging Asia" published in Pacific-Basin Finance Journal
  • Vasanthi Suresh , Lata Dyaram (2021), "Diversity in disability: leaders' accounts on inclusive employment in the Indian context" published in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Journal
  • Abraham Cyril Issac, Rupashree Baral, Timothy Colin Bednall (2021), "What is not hidden about knowledge hiding: Deciphering the future research directions through a morphological analysis" published in Knowledge and Process Management.
  • Manohar, S., Rehman V. & Sivakumaran B. (2021), “ Role of unfamiliarity and information on consumers’ willingness to try new healthy foods”, Food Quality and Preference, 87 (Jan).
  • Khatoon, Sajira., & Rehman, Varisha. (2021). Negative Emotions in Consumer Brand Relationship: A Review and Future Research Agenda. International Journal of Consumer Studies
  • Chandrasekar Kalpana & Rehman Varisha (2021).  Responsibility finds a way: A Typology and Framework Development Approach towards Public Sector Crisis Management.International Journal of Strategic Communication
  • Selvanayagam, Karthik  & Rehman Varisha (2021). Building “Pyramid of Oneness” - Delineating Differences among Human Brands, Celebrities and Person-Brands. Advances in Consumer Research
  • Prof. CB Rao - Strategic Management: Practice and Philosophy for India Inc (2021)
  • Ashwin J. Baliga, Vaibhav Chawla [2020], "Service Failure And Recovery In B2B Markets - A Morphological Analysis"  published in Journal Of Business Research
  • Abraham Cyril Issac, Rupashree Baral [2020], "Don’t Play The Odds, Play The Man: Estimating The Driving    Potency Of Factors Engendering Knowledge Hiding Behavior In Stakeholders" published in European Business Review
  • Ashish Goel, L.  S.  Ganesh & Arshinder Kaur [2020], "Project Management For Social Good: A Conceptual Framework And Research Agenda For Socially Sustainable Construction Project Management" published in International Journal Of Managing Projects In Business
  • Ashish Goel, L.  S.  Ganesh & Arshinder Kaur [2020], "Social Sustainability Considerations In Construction Project Feasibility Study: A Stakeholder Salience Perspective" published in
    Engineering Construction & Architectural Management
  • Ashish Goel, L.  S.  Ganesh & Arshinder Kaur [2020], "Benefits Formulation In Construction Projects : An Exploratory Study Through A Social Sustainability Perspective" published in IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review
  • Vasanthi Suresh, Lata Dyaram [2020], "Towards A Confluence: Disability Inclusion And Organizational Change" published in Journal Of Indian Business Research
  • Vasanthi Suresh, Lata Dyaram [2020], "Workplace Disability Inclusion In India: Review And Directions" published in Management Research Review
  • Anu Mary Chacko , Vaibhav Chawla [2020], "Impact Of B2B Salesperson’s Social Media Usage On Buyer Intelligence Collection - A Conceptual Framework" presented in National Conference In Sales Management (NCSM) 2020
  • Vasanthi Suresh, Lata Dyaram [2020], "The Impact Of Organizational Constraints On The Type Of Disability Targeted For Recruitment" presented in The 80th Annual Meeting Of The Academy Of Management
  • Veena Kannan, Saji K Mathew [2020],  "Identifying The Design Opportunities For Digital Platforms: A Topic Modeling Approach" presented in 33rd Bled E-Conference Enabling Technology For A Sustainable Society
  • Prof. CB Rao - Product Strategy and Corporate Success: Concepts and Cases from the Indian Automobile Industry (2019).

Honors & Achievements

Doctoral scholars Ashwin J. Baliga guided by Prof. Vaibhav Chawla, and V. Ramachandran guided by Prof. T.J.Kamalanabhan & Prof. Andreas Mueller, have been selected for the Keshav Ranganath Award and Institute Research Award (Jul-Nov 2020_21) to recognize the Quality and Quantity of Research Work done by them.

Doctoral scholar Ashish Goel, guided by Prof. L.S.Ganesh & Prof. Arshinder Kaur has been awarded the Institute Research Award (Jul-Nov 2019_20) in recognition of Quality and Quantity of Research Work

Citation of Prof. C. Rajendran's research among the top 0.3% in India Ref:”


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