Alumni Meet 26th November – Chennai and Bangalore

Chennai meet

The Chennai Alumni meet was organised in ICSR,Exhibition Hall 4. The event was from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Dinner was served after the event.

Alumni from all the courses offered by the department were invited.

The event had a welcome address by the DoMS Alumni Committee, HoD address , address by the faculty current and retired, following which there was a fun quiz about IITM and DoMS.

Faculty from DoMS were also present and addressed the alumni. Retired faculty Prof.L S Ganesh and Prof.TT Narendran also joined the event online.

Prof. Mahesh Panchagula, Dean(ACR)  graced the occasion and spoke about the need and ways of alumni engagement.

A discussion session was also organised where the alumni were asked to provide their inputs on how to strengthen the alumni engagement with DoMS.

T-shirts were distributed to the alumni.

Total of 79 alumni had registered and paid for the event out of which 65 participated.

Bangalore meet

The Bangalore meet was held in TBC Sky Lounge, HSR Layout from 3:30 to 5pm. High tea was served after the event.

Prof.Vijayalakshmi , Prof.Rahul Marathe and Prof.Arun Kumar met and interacted with the alumni. 

The event had a welcome address followed by the HoD address. A fun quiz about IITM and DoMS was also conducted ( same as the quiz in Chennai). Retired faculty Prof.LS Ganesh and Prof.TT Narendran also talked to the alumni virtually.

Alumni from all the courses were invited. 78 Alumni participated in the event. T-shirts were given to the Alumni.

Future Meets

Alumni Committee has also planned to organise alumni meets in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad during the admission process. The Alumni committee will coordinate with DI committee to make the necessary arrangements .


Tentative Date


4th March ( Sat)


11th March (Sat)


11th March (Sat)


18th March (Sat)

Similar to the events in Chennai and Bangalore , we have planned to organise dinner for the alumni and have some fun interactive activities for them.

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