Sponsored & Consulting Projects

DoMS Faculty members also engage in sponsored research projects that help organizations and government in addressing issues of relevance to government, business and society. By the beginning of 2014, 21 sponsored research projects were undertaken by DoMS Faculty. Some of the project and consulting assignments have been carried out for scientific organizations from the Government such as DRDO, ISRO, DFID etc.

IPR and Innovation

The efforts of few MS (Entrepreneurship) students have resulted in patents filed for products developed by the students. Special mention is made of the contribution of Mr Balaraju, who has filed 4 patents based out of his work at IIT Madras.

MS (Entrepreneurship) students have started companies during/after their course at IIT Madras. The following companies have been started by the MS (Entrepreneurship) students:

  • Bodhbridge Educational Services (P) Ltd.
  • Ecologin (Tourism services)
  • Zynetech (provides GPS solutions)
  • R F Wave Technologies (RF and microwave devices)
These companies have been incubated by CTiDES (Cell for Technology Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Support) IIT Madras. Located in the space provided by DoMS, they move to either the research park of IIT Madras or to their own premises after reaching a level of sustainability. 

Sponsored Research Projects: 2017-18

Name of faculty Title Funding Agency

R.P.Sundarraj & Dr.M.P.Gupta, IIT Delhi

Game-based Interactive Simulator for Training in Cyber Security


A. Thillairajan

Case Study on T-Hub

Government of Telangana

Sponsored Research Projects : 2015-16

Name of faculty Title Period Funding Agency

Arun Kumar G

Exploratory Research Project- Social Return on Investments (SROI) for SHG linked microfinance initiatives

February 2015 – Feb 2016

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Sponsored Research Projects: 2014 - 2015

Name of faculty Title Period Funding Agency
R K Amit

"Studying cooperation for recycling at auto-clusters in India"

March 2015

(for 2 Yrs)

Nissan Research Support Program


R.K. Amit with, P. Ramu and Ganapathy Krishnamurthy

of Engg. Design Dept.

“A decision support system for pilot landing in adverse conditions taking advantage understanding uncertainties in image registration system reliability and consequence based decision in pilot manned aircraft and UAVs.”


Feb 2015

(for 3 Yrs)

Aeronautics Research & Development


Feroz Ali

IPR Chair at IITM

October 2014 –

July 2017

Ministry of Human Resource and Development


P. Krishna Prasanna

Role of Audit Committee and Audit Quality on the Earnings Informativeness in India


March 2014 - 15

NSE IGIDR Collaboration forum

P. Krishna Prasanna

Bond Market Developments in India: Expectations and Term structure of interest Rates


May 2014 - May 2016


Indian Council of Social Science Research


Thillai Rajan A

Financing of small and early state business: impact, evolution, imperatives and opportunities

December 2013 -

November 2016


All India Council for Technical Education


Amit R K &  Subash S

Coping strategies and coping costs for accessing safe water in Chennai, India

September 2013 -

September 2015

South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics


G Arun Kumar

Dynamic linkages between foreign direct investment and domestic investment: Impact on India post Euro Crisis

July 2013 -

December 2015

South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes


Sundarraj R P & Amit R K

Buyer's time-preferences in electronic procurement interactions: Effect of situational involvement, and elicitation models

July 2013 -

January 2016

Indian Council of Social Science & Research


Thillai Rajan A & Saji K Mathew

Financing of entrepreneurial and SME companies in energy, environment, and technology sectors in India

June 2011 -

April 2015

Nissan Research Support Program


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