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Master of Science is a post graduate program best suited for candidates who are starting their research careers, changing careers or even for those who are seeking specific academic competence. M.S. prepares the student in undertaking logical, rigorous, and managerially relevant research in various areas of management. This program is characterized by significant research component in the curriculum.

Master of Science (By Research) :

The MS (by Research) program is best suited for students who want to kick-start their research career.  The program emphasizes the use of logical, analytical, experimental and intuitive thinking skills in the pursuit of research. It is a program for those starting research careers; helps students seeking a research oriented industry job (e.g. R &D profile or for a role that involves macro level design and conceptualization).

Provision is available to meritorious candidates to upgrade their registration to the PhD program if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The candidate should have been registered for a minimum of two semesters in the MS programme
  • The minimum CGPA of 8.0 in the prescribed courses
  • All other regulations will apply as per the senate norms


Guide Allocation Policy:

Research Scholars are given a months' time to interact with all the faculty members of the Department.At the end of one month, scholars are asked to give their preference of 3 guides. Based on the preference of the scholar, the department will allocate the Research Guide. The first choice of the scholar is honored in most of the cases. The willingness of the faculty member concerned and the area of research are also kept in mind in deciding allocation.

The flagship doctoral research programme is a full-fledged research programme designed to prepare and provide exceptional faculty resources for management teaching and research. It moulds professionals capable of leading industrial research and development activities. The programme helps expand the body of management knowledge into niche fields through knowledge creation and transfer. The time frame is usually 4 to 5 years.

These programmes are intensive and rigorous, aimed at training research scholars for leading academic and corporate research programmes and careers. The department currently has around 107 Ph.D. scholars and 58 M.S. scholars working on application-oriented as well as theoretical research leading to conceptual and empirical models.

Core Areas of Research

Thrust Areas for Research


  • Corporate Finance - Financial Decision Making, Family Business Management, Financial Modelling & Forecasting, Banking and Risk Management.
  • Financial Markets - Capital Market, Bond Market, Commodity Market, Derivative Market, Market Microstructure.
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity, Small and Medium Enterprises, Real Options.
  • Developmental Finance, Development Studies, Infrastructure Finance, Public Sector Finance, Behavioural Finance.


 HR & OB

  • Organizational Behaviour, Positive Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Organization Development (L&OD), Cognition, Spontaneous Mental States and Goal Directed Behaviour Across Contexts.
  • Behaviourism - Combining Elements of Philosophy, Methodology, and Psychological Theory, Employee Voice and Silence, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Judgement and Decision making.
  • Human Comfort Studies, Social Neuroscience, Human Resource Management, Training & Development, HR Audit, Workplace Teams, Work-Life Balance.
  • Family-Friendly HR Policies and Practices, Employee Wellbeing, Women in Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Employer Branding, Corporate Sustainability and CSR, Technology and Human Interface, Knowledge Sharing / Hiding Behavior.
  • Workplace Emotions, Ancient Indian Wisdom in Management.
  • Creativity & Innovation, Cross-Cultural Research.
  • Integral Education, Teaching-Learning Practices.

 Information Systems

  • Preference Elicitation, Electronic Negotiation Tactics, Electronic Shopping Agents, Analytics in Cloud Computing.
  • Smart Phones and Healthcare Web Personalization, Information Privacy, IT Usage, Adoption, Business Value, IT Services, Cloud and Emerging Business Models.
  • eGovernment Systems, Social Network Mining, Recommender Systems, Mobile App Analytics, Econometric Modeling.

 Integrative Management

  • Strategy and Policy Studies.
  • Technology Management.
  • Business Model Innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship.


  • Sales Person Performance, Branding in emerging economies.
  • Corporate identity, B2B Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing.
  • Bottom of the Pyramid Market, Food Marketing.
  • Gamification in marketing, Human engagement with AI powered devices​.
  • Consumer behaviour online & offline - Perception, Motivation, Intention, etc.
  • Consumption communities, Luxury and Environmentally Responsible Consumption, Developing Psychometric measures/scales.​


 Operations Management



  • Supply Chain and Logistics, Green Concerns, Healthcare and Food Sectors.
  • Game Theoretic Models.
  • Pricing and Revenue Management, Scheduling in Manufacturing and Service Operations.
  • Integrated Production, Logistics and Inventory Optimization in Supply Chain Management.
  • Behavioural Decision Theory.

Along with Ph.D. and MS (by research), DoMS IIT Madras invites applications throughout the year for its Post-Doctoral research program. DoMS offers recent PhD graduates the chance to further their professional development, build on their research, and enrich their research and academic expertise. At DoMS, postdoctoral researchers have the opportunity to collaborate with the other professors and researchers, and work in an environment that supports and celebrates excellence.

Post-doctoral fellowships (PDF) in DoMS are available across distinguished management areas - Finance, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Information Systems and Integrative Management, Operations, Marketing.

IIT Madras offers two type of PDFs (Institute PDF and PDF for Women with Break in Career). For more information on guidelines and application procedure click here

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