Management Development Programme (MDP)

The constantly changing business landscape requires managers to seamlessly adapt to new modes of working and leading, with an agile mindset and innovative strategies. Managers in contemporary organizations perpetually grapple with the need to quickly scale up and deliver results. Aligning with this need, management development programmes are designed to facilitate effectiveness of managers in their current roles as well as to groom them for greater responsibilities and career growth.
Management development programmes at DoMS are structured and flexible, with robust curriculum that can be tailored to meet specific learning needs of industry/organization/department. Our courses can be designed to cater to the learning needs of frontline managers, mid-level managers, senior executives, entrepreneurs and start-up executives. Our MDPs are grounded on the latest cutting-edge research, in different areas of management studies, and aim to equip managers with the knowledge and tools required to tackle every day challenges faced in the business world.
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